On this page we will try to make it easier for you to choose the right skimboard so that you can fully enjoy it. 🙂

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Norris - skimboard Atlanta, Gdańsk Stogi

The selection of the skimboard includes the weight of the rider, his expectations and individual preferences.
GoZone offers three types of skimboard: Pro, Atlanta and Genesis.
Pro and Atlanta are boards with the EVA foam traction and extremely slippery HPL laminate. It is these boards that are designed for people who want to perform high tricks, the longest slides and fly on obstacles. The most frequently chosen board is Atlanta  (white and black with a stripe 🙂 ). Thanks to the cut-outs on corners, the center of gravity is closer to the board’s axles, which makes it easy to do pops while ensuring perfect control over the board.


Skimboard Genesis is the cheapest board and a very good choice for those who just want to have fun on the sea or lake. For those who want something more we highly recommend boards with soft EVA foam traction and HPL laminate.
For the youngest riders (weight up to 35 kg) we dedicate the PRO board, S size. For heavier riders the M size will be appropriate.
Atlanta and Genesis are designed for people between the weight of 40kg and 85kg.
For heavier people we provide free of charge individual board with a thicker core for greater buoyancy.

From our experience, we know that individual preferences are important. Some people prefer smaller / larger boards or lighter / heavier boards so rigid criteria for weight just do not exist.
The most important thing is to feel comfortable with the board and to achieve the maximum enjoyment from every glide!
If you still have any questions, we would be happy to help you, call us or send a message in the KONTAKT .


  • EVA foam traction
  • HPL laminate “White Razor”
  • rocker in both planes
  • measurement :
    M 102X45 cm
    S 86X39 cm


  • EVA foam traction
  • HPL laminate “White Razor”
  • “HP” cut-outs on corners
  • rocker in both planes
  • measurement :106*47 cm



  • anti-skid grip
  • varnished sliding layer
  • rocker in both planes
  • esasurement: 102×45 cm


skimboard Atlanta, Gdańsk Stogi