Giannis Chanoumis


Giannis Xanoumis- skimboard gozone rider K2

Giannis, What is skimboarding for you?

Skimboard is a very exciting game for me. I skim with my friends and we have loads of fun. I think that it’s one of the coolest water sports. Also the for last 3 years we have created a skimboard team named ‘’SLIPWOODS’’. We organize events and teach skimboard to anyone that wants to learn in our hometown in Greece.

How long have you been skimboarding?

I’ve been skimboarding for almost 4 years now and I think that I will keep doing it for many more to come!!!

What other sports do you play ?

Except skimboarding i love surfing, skating and when our mountains have snow snowboarding.

How ‚surfer’ lifestyle looks in Greece ?

For the last few years the surfing community keeps growing with really fast rates, more people choose this sport to spend their free time. Also I belong to the Lineup crew which is a local surf shop. Lineup teaches surfing to young kids and their passion for water sports in whole inspires the local community to spend more and more time in the water or close to it for what it matters 😉

R-e Esguerra


What do you mean by ‚skimboarding’?

Skimboarding is a unique sports for me. In Philippines we have different sports that we love but skimboarding is different. different by means of its notjust a sport but its a passion for me.
Theres always excitement everytime I hit the beach and ride my board and whenever I learned some new tricks it gives me some chills and this how I love skimboarding and for me right

I can say skimboarding is my life.

How many years do you skim?

I skim for about 6 years now.

Tell us about your favourite skim spot and skim trick?

My favortie skim spot is in Cagbalete Island in Mauban. Quezon Philippines because its a white sand beach and the sand is so fine. not to crowded also and beach always give you a
beautiful spot to skim.

Favorite trick is pop shuv to 50-50 in the ledge.

Why are you riding for GoZone Skimboards. What do you think about this team?
I ride gozone skimboards because the board they produce its not an ordinary skimboard and they always ńnd way how they can make their board become perfect. with much durability and
very comfortable to use. GoZone Skimboards team is a solid one team. this team will give you the skimboard that every skimboard rider looking for. im serious about this! and the people
behind this team is so friendly and easy talk to, they will treat you as friends and they will support you all the way!

Samoil Digalovski


Samoil Digalovski - Rider GoZone skimboards - Świnoujście
Samoil Digalovski - Rider GoZone skimboards - Świnoujście
Samoil Digalovski - Rider GoZone skimboards - Świnoujście