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GoZone skimboards - About us


A company created with passion, where the production of skimboards is the greatest pleasure for us. The idea appeared thanks to the passion for wood, broad knowledge as well as gained experience.

Continuously since 2011 in Poznań we unite our forces to create what is expected by the professionalism. We have been creating the highest quality products in combination with the traditional woodworking rules and the latest technology.

Ekipa GoZone podczas zawodów 'Stogi On Board' w Gdańsku.

We participate in the largest skimboarding events such as: Polish Skimboarding Open, Stogi On Board and Uznam Surf Contest.

see u ! 🙂

Norris- Gdańsk Gdynia Sopot skim spot Kamionka
Tu się wszystko zaczęło - pierwsze testy desek GoZone.

First tests of boards, 2011.

Manufaktura - Poznań. Wszystkie skimboardy wykonywane są w Poznaniu.

All boards are produced in the same place and by the same qualified people. We use mostly local materials.

Filipiny - Skimboard GoZone

What distinguishes GoZone skimboards?

Pianka antypoślizgowa z materiału GoZone - termozgrzewalna mata
Najszybszy laminat HPL pokrywa wszystkie deski skimboardowe GoZone, poczujesz to już przy pierwszym ślizgu.
Technologia klejenia - GoZone skimboards

The best EVA foam traction.

As the only manufacturer in EU, we produce a heat-sealed, anti-skid foam, which forms a single unit on the board surface. The 3M’s glue ensures that the foam will never peel off!

The fastest HPL laminate “White Razor”

Extremely slippery surface on the bottom side of the board guarantees the longest slides on both shallow water and obstacles.


All skimboards are glued with specialized epoxy resins. To ensure the highest durability of each board, we do not accelerate the process by using high temperatures.