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CNC GOZONE is a production company created out of passion for water sports. The idea was born out of a love for wood, extensive knowledge and experience. CNC GOZONE is a technology company with a well-coordinated team of associates.

Continuously since 2011 in Poznań, by joining forces, we create what professionalism expects from us. We produce the highest quality products in conjunction with the traditional rules of woodworking and the latest technologies.

In order to ensure the highest quality, CNC GOZONE has its own production facilities. Thanks to this, it has control over the entire product production cycle, from the purchase of raw materials through production to quality control, packaging and shipping.

CNC production GOZONE is equipped with a machine park that allows for the production of a wide variety of products.

CNC GOZONE is a manufacturer of sports boards under its own brand GoZone Skimboards, as well as provides production services for other companies.

We have extensive experience in the production of products such as skimboards, longboards, wakeskates, flowboards, e-foil boards.

Trust the professionals.

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