Flash Turquoise



  • core with the addition of glass fiber
  • TWIN TIP shape
  • rocker in both planes
  • anti-skid grip
  • size : 101*45.5 cm
  • thickness: board – 10mm

  • stickers and the wristband for free!
  • 3 year warranty
  • the opportunity to return goods within 14 days

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GoZone Flash skimboard


  • Core with the addition of glass fiber

The glass fiber reinforced core ensures perfect stiffness of the board with reduced weight. The board is very fast on the water at the same time it is easy to put into a quick rotation.

  • Grip layer

Good adhesion to the board guarantees easy control and long slides. No more any wax on your skimboard!

  • HPL White Razor

White laminate from the bottom of the board provides long slides on water and obstacles. HPL standard laminate is a very slippery layer thanks to which the board is faster. Laminate has a positive effect on the strength of your skimboard – the board is resistant to scratches or mechanical damage.

  • Design

The modern printing method used by GoZone ensures a durable graphic layer, the colors are very vivid and the graphics do not rub off or fade in the sun.

  • Precision of realization.

All our boards are made in the same place and by the same qualified people.

  • Technology.

Rocker in both planes will guarantee the easiness of doing “pops” as well as it facilitates entering into the obstacle sideways.

  • The individual approach to the client.

We treat every order in a special way so that you are fully satisfied with the choice of our skimboards.

  • Cheap shipping by courier.

Packages are delivered by DPD or DHL. Check the exact price of the shipping to your country.

  • The fastest execution of the order

We want you to enjoy the new GoZone skimboard as soon as possible.

  • Warranty and return.

We provide a 3-year warranty for every purchase and the possibility to return without giving a reason within 2 weeks.

  • We always give more.

As a free addition you will receive some skimboarding stickers, wristband + cataloque.

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Junior – 89×41 cm, Standard – 102×45 cm


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